I have a 1 year old GLI solid safety cover with a center drain that, after one winter season, had two small tears in it. I contacted the distributor, who told me to contact GLI. GLI says I must send in the cover to have it inspected and that they will determine if it is covered under warranty or not. They said that they will cover shipping the cover to them, but did not yet specify the return shipping (awaiting email response), and that I am responsible for an additional fee if I decide not to have it fixed.

Now, I am worried that they will deny warranty for one reason or another, since that seems to be the norm with warranties these days, and will be on the hook for costly repairs/repair denial charge and return shipping.

I was wondering if anyone had any prior experience with GLI and their warranty process. Would it be better to just pay someone to repair it independently? Or buy a repair kit from GLI and attempt it myself? Has anyone had a successful warranty claim with GLI?

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you