Found a raccoon dead in my pool

  • Last Post 31 July 2019
FranciscoFord posted this 31 July 2019

Hello there, I have recently installed a pool. It's an underground fiberglass pool with around 10,000 gallons of water. 2 weeks back I had secured it with the solar-based pool cover and did not get an opportunity to remove it from that since I was occupied and the climate was terrible. So this end of the week I saw something under the pool cover and it was a dead raccoon. I evacuated the solar cover and tried to remove the raccoon with the little leaf skimmer yet it fell. The bones tumbled down to the base of the pool and flesh deteriorated. It stunk like hellfire. I tried to clean as much as I could including suspended particles. I poured 5 liters (about 1.3 gallons) of liquid chlorine to clean the pool and it has been separating through the sand filter for over 24 hours. I cleaned the base of the pool couple of times and saw minor tissue pieces that may have settled down at the base and I have attempted to evacuate whatever I am ready to and don't think there is much left except for little pieces. I think I could evacuate them by vacuuming. My main concern and question to specialists here are, is there anything I should be worried about related to any diseases that raccoons may convey? Should I call a raccoon removal company so that they can find more raccoons and also protect the area? Any data will be incredibly useful.

InyoRob posted this 31 July 2019

You probably won't need to contact a raccoon removal company. The CDC website has instructions on what to do if you find a raccoon in the pool.