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jdv165 posted this 22 May 2018

I know this question has been asked before, but I can't find an answer that helps my situation so please bear with me. 

Our pool has been open for about 2.5 weeks.  We followed the same opening procedure as previous years, including the same chemicals, same brands, same dosage, etc.   This year we are getting a thick white foam on top of our pool when the pump runs.  Once the pump is turned off, it seems to disappear, only to return the next time we run the pump and get worse the longer the pump runs.  We have tried skimming it off the top, filtering it out, etc, but it keeps coming back.  I understand that algaecide is the normal culrpit, but we are using the same non-foaming brand and same amount as always, and none has been added to the pool in over 2 weeks.  

I have read that there may be an air leak, but the foam does not gather near the return jets and seems very thick to be caused by air.  The water chemistry seems normal, I am at a loss for what could be wrong.  The pool itself is clean, but no one is going to want to use a tub of foam.  Thanks for any advice anyone may have.

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InyoRob posted this 22 May 2018

Hello JDV165 - We would recommend adding a defoamer chemical to the pool. That should eliminate the foam and prevent it from coming back. 

The Rendezvous Foam Out works really well. It is usually used in spas but will work for pools as well.

jdv165 posted this 22 May 2018

Thanks for the recommendation.  I will give that product a try.  Do you have any advice as to what is causing the foam? 

InyoRob posted this 23 May 2018

We're actually about to publish an article about foam in pools. Below are a couple lines from that article.

Lastly, pay close attention to the chemicals typically sold in spring opening kits. If you add a pool opening kit to a well-maintained pool, it can cause your pool to foam. This happens because there are no algae in your pool to destroy. Springtime algaecides use surfactants to work and these molecules react with agitation causing froth.

** If the foam in your pool is caused by the type of algaecide you used, it should break down on its own. To speed the process up, you can skim the foam off the surface of your pool.

Another possibility is a low calcium level. Pool water with a low calcium level is considered soft water. Soft water is more likely to foam. In that case, you would add calcium chloride to bring the level back up.

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robert24 posted this 30 June 2018

This is the most common problem occurs in pools. But we need to take care of it.

Some comon reasons for pool foam are;

  • Laindry detergent or soaps

  • Cheap pool chemicals or too many chemicals

  • Body lotion deodorant or soap

  • Hair care products(Shampoo, hair products etc.)

Tips for avoiding such foams:

Take shower before going to pool, it will rinse the products such as shampoo, shoaps, beauty products etc. Because these products make foam in pool.

If the foam is caused by algaecide, it will breakdown on its own

Check the alkalinity and ph and adjust them to proper level.

If nothing works buy an anti-foam chemicals to add in pool.

Thank You

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InyoRob posted this 03 July 2018

Great information, Robert! For those interested, we published the article that I referenced in a previous post.