Drive train upgrade Kit

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Krish7 posted this 27 July 2021

Hi ,
Please do let me know if the parts for my motor are available on your website and any part numbers I need to know ? Appreciate your help. 


Fyi..I already have the motor which is new and cannot return it..

I need to get  an

Impeller, diffuser and complete seal kit for the below model

Century 1.5 hp
Cat B 2854V1
Frame Y56Y

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InyoRob posted this 27 July 2021

Those parts are determined by the pump housing. Can you send us a picture of the pump housing?

Krish7 posted this 28 July 2021

Hi , Please find attached the pics to help you get a better understanding of the housing.

Krish7 posted this 28 July 2021

InyoRob posted this 28 July 2021

You have a Pac-Fab Challenger pump. There are two versions of that pump, the CH Series and CF Series. If you send a picture of the diffuser, I should be able to figure out which one. You can also look at the impeller and diffuser and see if you can find a part number.