dedicated suction line for existing inground pool

  • Last Post 06 November 2020
daveaz posted this 05 November 2020

have an 8.5 dive pool that is being resurfaced.  i would like to add a new dedicated suction line so that i can throw out the pentair vac-mate that i am currently forced to use for my pool cleaner.  the only place that is easily accessible is the deep end of the pool to install the new port.  i have a four wheel poolfugnugen cleaner.  Pool installer is balking at that location.  Are there any issues with putting the port on the deep end of the pool?

InyoRob posted this 06 November 2020

They are usually located in the center of the pool and along one of the side walls. There may be reasons why they don't want to add it to the deep end. Maybe it's a harder place to add one or perhaps it's further away from the equipment. If it is further away, the pump would have a harder time creating enough suction to move the cleaner.

It's tough for us to determine why there is push back because we do not know all of the variables.