I have a weird issue and not sure if it coinsedence or if what I did caused this.

i had balanced ph 7.6, alkalinity 118 chlorine 2.77 and cya 51. High phosphates at 2100. Pool looked great. I was going to address the phosphates next. 

i was low on calcium 190 so I decided to have my water tested. Pool store said to add 12 lbs calcium chloride. I bought peladow pellets and added 8 lbs. dissolved in water first and added to pool. Next day chlorine was at 0. I added shock and following day still 0. Added 3 bags of chlorine shock and still no chlorine. Had my water tested and my cya went from 51 to 160. Alkalinity also was lower from 118 to 59.. phosphates also increased to 2735. Complete mess and all I did was add the calcium.

in this senario would you expect my cya and alk to go completely out of wack with the addition of calcium chloride from pedalow? Did I incorrectly add it to the  pool? One other note is I had the cover on when I added the calcium.

hope someone can help me understand what happened here because from what I read this is not what should happen. Looks like I have to drain.