I have a inground pool with coping all the way around the pool, even around the steps. The pool is about 12 yrs old. The last 5-6 years my coping at the outer corners of the steps has been slowly breaking down and deteriorating. All the other coping is fine except the outside corners of the steps. I was told that this is probably because the 2 corners were made out of pot metal and not aluminum. I was also told this is because they cant make a outside corner out of aluminum but can make a inside corner out of aluminum. The corners are rounded approximately 90 degrees and not angled or straight 90 corners. I cant seem to find anyone who carries these corners in aluminum or pot metal. The installer who put the pool in said it was a Latham pool but they have no idea where these corners came from or where to find them. I need these corners replaced and not sure what to do. Just replacing them means tearing out the cement and having a eye sore if I can find these corners. My only other option I can think of is putting new steps in that do not have coping around the perimeter and sit in the cement. This would be horribly exspensive. Any ideas would be welcome!!