Chronic Humming Motor Issues

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MonkeyAttack posted this 03 June 2021

Pool: Viking Island Breeze II, 20K gallons  Pump: Hayward SP1610Z1MBK 1.5hp  
Filter: Cartridge, Salt Cell.  Climate: Chicago, pool open May 21-Nov 1

My pump motor is humming again. Pool was installed in 2015 and this is my 3rd motor. I opened the pool without issue 2-3 weeks ago, everything worked great. 3 days ago, I noticed the motor was humming but not turning. Cleaned all filters and baskets, which were not terribly dirty. Checked for leaks or bad seals/gaskets, all in good working order. Killed power, inspected motor, impeller, etc. No obstructions I could find. Decided to replace the capacitor. Hooked back up, still humming. Pool motor is ONE YEAR OLD. Aren't these motors designed to last like 5+ years? Do I really need a new motor? And why am I going through so many?
When I keyed in the serial number of the motor on the site, I got several options. Are they all acceptable?
Your thoughts and ideas are appreciated! Thanks.

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MonkeyAttack posted this 04 June 2021

Hayward SuperPump Photo

Service posted this 04 June 2021

Hi You should definitely be getting longer than a couple of years out of your motor. Could you give us the model number off of the plastic pump housing near the pump basket there should be a tag with this information. I want to see if the replacement motor was matched up properly to your pump's impeller, I have seen where the motor is not matched up properly and a smaller motor is overworked with a larger impeller. Also, could you give us the details on your filter Model #, flow rate (GPM), etc.. this should be found on the side of your pool filter tank. If you want to post a few photos of your pump and filter including a wide shot showing your complete equipment pad that would be very helpful.

Thank You


MonkeyAttack posted this 04 June 2021

The pool filter is a Platco PA175 cartridge. I cannot for the life of me find any stamped markings at all on the pump housing, even when I removed the motor. I took a photo that will hopefully help you figure it out. The filter is pushed very close to the wall so I took the best shot I could. Everything originally installed was Hayward branded—the salt cell, the heater, the motor, the filter housing... so I would bet the farm the pump housing is as well. Everything "feels" like it all fits and works together, and is consistent with what I've seen online. I don't know if it's my electrical setup? The pool has its own panel, sistered off the house's main panel. I can shoot that too if needed.

Full SetupFilter HousingPump Housing

Service posted this 08 June 2021

Hi, Thanks for the photos! Your filter is definitely large enough to handle the output of your pump. Sometimes we see where the filter is undersized for the pump which causes the pool pump motor to fail prematurely, for example, if you have a pump outputting 100 GPM and your filter can only handle 50 GPM, but this not the case in your scenario.

I would suggest replacing your motor with this 1.5 HP Hayward Super Pump Replacement Motor and this Hayward Super Seal Kit We also put together this Video on How to Replace a Pool Pump Motor which you may find helpful when you tackle this project.

Thank You