Leslie's Pool supply  result:  free chlorine 0.18, total chlorine 0.71,ph 6.7, total alkalinity 0. calcium hardness 573, Cyanuric Acid 205, iron 0.2, copper 1.5, phossphates 209, TDS 2500

my HDX test kit reading free chlorine 2.0, total Chlorine total alkalinity 60

most Leslie tests chow Cyanuric acid at 180,  I will raise Alkalinity - but how is it best to handle getting back in balance thi syear in Texas high  heat?  I will drain 1/2 or more of my concrete pool when ccoler weather is here.  Seems like Cyanuric acid is the main issue  water is clear adn hace a slight black algae on walls adn deep floor.  so light is dissapears in sunlight but I try to keep bruchin gand it seems to be getting fainter.  appreciate recommendatons for this year.  Next year will have drained min 1/2 pool. thanks