CH 18, Phosphates at 1567. What to do?

  • Last Post 03 June 2021
mgspeed posted this 03 June 2021

The water is clean and clear in appearance and has no harsh chemical smell. I only suspected that something was up because my home kit was reading chlorine off the chart, figuring that my chemicals must be old I bought a new kit and realized that I needed to take my water in.

Here's what I got from Leslie's:
Free Chlorine 14.67
Total Chlorine 18
pH 7.4
Total Alkalinity 41
Calcium Hardness 439
Cyanuric Acid 109
Iron .1
Copper .1
Phosphates 1567

JCMC70 posted this 03 June 2021

Hi mgspeed,

I'm afraid I'm gonna need more information.

We're the numbers that Leslie's got different from the numbers you got when you took the readings? 
What kind of test kit do you have ?

Did you put 14.5ppm of chlorine in the pool?

How do you chlorinate your pool?(Automatic chlorination, sticks/tabs in skimmer, granular chlorine and what type, liquid chlorine)

What kind of pool do you have? (Vinyl, concrete, gunnite/plaster, fiberglass)

How many gallons of water does the pool hold?

Have you taken new readings since you got the new kit? If so, what were they?

Your immediate issue is the CYA level of 109

If you will provide me with the above information, we can go from there.