Hi - I recently bought a house with a pool. All the equiptment is ancient and my pump is leaking like crazy. Rather than try to replace the shaft seal and all that, I bought a Hayward Super Pump and Pro Grid filter online. I'm fairly handy with plumbing and electric, so I'm going to take a stab at the install myself.

However, I realized today that all my suction and return lines use 2" PVC, but everything on the Hayward equiptment uses 1.5". On the suction side, I think this is ok (very open to corrections if I'm wrong), I just need to reduce and then run 8" or so of straight 1.5" into the pump. 

My concern is the return side. Can I simply do the reverse of what I do on the suction side? What issues can arise going from a smaller diameter to a larger one?

Many many thanks in advance for the help!