Calcium Hardness Balance

  • Last Post 29 April 2021
Animal827 posted this 26 April 2021

I have been having an issue with getting my calcium.jardness to increase and maintain at a level of 200. I thought it was my reagents for LaMotte ColorQ, but that didn't quite do it. I have the following readings:

FCL 1.74; TCL 1.97; CCL .23; pH 7.3; Alk 97; CH 163; CYA 53

I have added nearly 15 lbs of Calcium Hardness Increaser and the highest I got in CH reading was 185 and now it is back to 165.

I thought I had a leak last year, but nothing noticeable in dye or bucket tests. What can be the issue?

I have a kidney bean ungrounded vinyl pool aboit 15,000 gallons with a DE filter and automatic chlorinator.

InyoRob posted this 29 April 2021

We'd glad to assist you. What was the calcium reading before you added the 15 pounds of calcium hardness? Are you dissolving the calcium into a bucket of water before adding it to the pool?