I am in Florida and having trouble with bugs! We have a screened in 9000 gallon salt water system installed in September. I have had minimal issues so far and keep my water chemistry perfect (no really I'm a chemist and I enjoy testing my water and keeping everything on point). 

2 weeks ago we got about 4 inches of rain in just a few hours. 2 days later the pool had some algae spots and every inch of the water surface was covered in small dead bugs. The looked like gnats maybe? 

I shocked the pool, added algaecide, cleaned and vacuumed and skimmed. The algae is taken care of but the bugs keep coming back. We don't know where they are coming from because we don't see them flying in the lanai but they are covering the surface of the pool. 

I am also seeing black Somethings appearing on the bottom Of the pool. Dead bugs? Something hatching? Little Worms? They are bigger than the flies. I vaccuum and they come back. I vacuumed to waste today and did a backwash and the pool was spotless this afternoon but when I went out tonight they are back again on the bottom.


im at a loss. Is something laying eggs somewhere? We never see live bugs flying around so we can't figure out where they are coming from.  After the shock and algacidie nothing should be living in the water right? Is it something else? I'm so grossed out.

Anyone else in FL know what I'm talking about and have a solution?