spider gasket?

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seefoo posted this 11 March 2018

The multiport is set on filter. Two inputs (one from the bottom of the pool and the other the strainer on the side are open. After a few seconds, the pump is straining to get water. I shut off the valve from the bottom input and turn on the valve from the input for the cleaner. No strain for the pump to get water.  Now, after cleaning, I set the multiport to backwash. The valve from the bottom and side strainer are open. The pump is getting water like it should with both valves open. If I set the multiport to waste, the pump get all the water it wants with two valves open. Go back to filter and the pump strains to get water with both valves open. What the heck is going on?

seefoo posted this 12 March 2018

Could this be caused by a faulty spider gasket?  Anybody want to jump in here (including the inyo folks)?