Brand New Heat Pump - Water PS Open

  • Last Post 26 May 2021
Jimbo420 posted this 24 May 2021

I purchased a Raypak electric heat pump this spring and it will not stay running.  The error I'm getting every time is "Water PS Open" and I'm completely baffled at this point.

My system - 2 years ago I put in a saltwater system and a new 1.5 HP variable speed pump, last year a new cartridge filter system, this year a heater.  Everything is brand new including new filter cartridges this year.  My system pressure according to the filter is right around 5 psi. However, as soon as close the bypass and run to the heater the filter pressure goes up easily 10-15psi and the flow on the outlet side diminishes drastically as it returns to the pool.  If I close off the heater and run back through the bypass, the filter pressure returns to 5 psi and the flow increases and everything is normal. 

So, brand new filter last year, with brand new cartridges put in this past weekend, brand new pump previous year, pump's been properly maintained and cleaned also done this past weekend.  I can't think of anything else to check, is it possible that this shipped with a faulty pressure switch?  What can do to test it? Please help!!!

Service posted this 26 May 2021


Raypak has requested that on any service issue that you contact Raypak directly for support through this link here

Thank You