Blue Haven filter compression band with springs

  • Last Post 13 November 2017
Gcooke posted this 12 November 2017

Blue Haven pools built our pool around 2001.  We have a “Blue Haven Pools 450 & 550 series cartridge filter”.  One of the two tension springs for the compression band that holds the two piece filter housing together has a stripped nut or stripped threaded shaft, we haven’t been able to remove it yet, don’t want to destroy it without a replacement.  I’d like to change to whole band with compression spring assemble or just the one side compression assembly if possible.  The problem is trying to find a compatible part for a filter housing that old.  Can you direct me please?  I’ve attached a pic to help identify the unit.

Thank you!


InyoRob posted this 13 November 2017

Hello Glen - The Blue Haven 450 and 550 is the same filter as the Hayward Super Star Clear. Unfortunately, the band and spring assembly are no longer available. Hayward discontinued those parts several years ago. Hayward has advised us that the only option is to replace the entire filter.