Black Carbon Like Substance on Stainless Steel Ladders Below the Waterline

  • Last Post 01 April 2021
CypressCommons posted this 29 April 2019

We have a 20 year old community inground pool and spa at our condo complex. It is a concrete pool and it uses Chlorine. Every 2 to 3 weeks there is a buildup of a black carbon like substance that forms on All the stainless steel components below the Waterline. Ladders, Railings and Lights. We clean it off with a rag and diatomaceous earth.

We hired an electrical contractor to check the Bonding and they said everything is properly bonded.

The problem is worse in the Spa. The spa is not directly connected to the pool.

petersmith99 posted this 01 April 2021

Spa is an acronym for the Latin word "Sanitas per aqua", meaning good health through water. ... It can be understood what Spa is semantically as mineral springs, in term it is understood as a cure with steam and natural mineral water.