Bearing Replacement

  • Last Post 04 January 2021
Dbfoster24 posted this 13 December 2020

1. I need help finding the correct replacement bearings for my Marathon Electric model #5kc29pn2822bx. This is a 1hp motor. 

2. How do I tell if I have the correct size impeller for the right hp? Which impeller do I need for this motor?

3. Will the Hayward Super II seal kit will work for this motor?


InyoRob posted this 04 January 2021

1) Unfortunately, we do not have a parts list for that Marathon motor. You can take the motor apart and pull the bearings. There should be a bearing number embossed on it.

2 & 3) Send us an image of the motor label and a picture of the complete pump. That will help us determine the impeller and seal kit.