So I noticed that the power and generating LEDs were off on my aqua rite swimpure plus (model AQR SWP circa 2012 but don't know if previous home owner replaced any parts).  After leaving off overnight they came on again but then lasted under a minute. For in-ground pool.

Since this started I had an new/used t-9 cell so I swapped that in but condition remains...current info and diagnostics..

voltage = ~16.9V (should be higher >22 per other posts)

amp = 0.00 (should be higher)

instant salt =0 ( had 2 places in town test water and its 3200).  Note: I added 40lbs salt 4 days ago (following my rhythm).

when I switch to superchlorinate, desired output shows %from dial not 100P.

inspected boards and don't see obvious damage or burns

Ran diagnostics tests following instructions from 2 different slides decks most things check out except ...from one set (from Hayward website) of instructions pins 2 and 4 for display show appropriate voltage, from another the instruction is to test pins 1 and 3 and I I do I get no voltage.  I don't know if this is real or it's because the I did something wrong (I don't work with these meters much).

1. Does this point a particular problem to anyone?

2. Is there a specific test that I can use to rule out/in the main pieces (main board, display board, transformer, rectifiers)?

Thanks in advance for all the help.