Aquarite salt pool system

  • Last Post 29 May 2019
Arc412 posted this 28 May 2019

I have an aquarite salt water pool system and the power light is on but no generating light or salt level reading. My power light is on but when you cut the filter on the no flow light doesn’t come on then go off and the generating light want come on at all. Plus the salt level reading says 9900 and we tried to recalibrate it but it doesn’t click when you go from auto to off back to auto and the negative number never comes up on the screen at all it’s blank what could this be?

InyoRob posted this 29 May 2019

We just had a similar issue with another Aquarite owner. They replaced the thermister and varistors on the main circuit board and it corrected the problem. 

We don't currently sell those components but you can find them at electrical supply shops.

Image result for varistor aquarite board

We also recommend reading the Hayward Aquarite Quick Reference Guide and the Hayward Aquarite Troubleshooting Guide.