AquaRite salt chlorinator hook up with Pentair Superflo VS

  • Last Post 20 April 2023
Jason2 posted this 17 April 2023

I just purchased a Hayward Aqua Rite Hayward AquaRite Salt System, 40,000 Gal Pool, Control Panel & TurboCell - Model W3AQR15, and I am preparing to install the unit.  I have a Pentair Super Flo Variable Speed Pump already installed.  The pentair variable speed pump has its own timer built in.  Due to this fact, I will be wiring the Aquarite directly to its own breaker in my sub-panel. I have to connect the AquaRite to my pumps internal timer. I believe I need to utilize a Digital input cord (Pentair Part Number 353129Z) to connect the AquaRite to the Pentair pump timer.  The input cord has six wires, (Green, Black, Yellow, Red, Brown and White).  Looking at the diagram in the AquaRite installation instructions, it shows that I will use four of the wires (Green Black, Yellow, and Red).  Do I cap the other two wires and disregard them, or is there a different cord I should be utilizing?  Thanks for the help.

InyoRich posted this 20 April 2023

Hi Jason.  The outputs on the pump are for installation to an automation system and are not meant to connect to your saltwater chlorine generator.  Some variable-speed motors do have built-in relays to control external equipment, but I don't think your SuperFlo has a built-in relay to power your AquaRite (please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong!  You may have a newer model with more features).

Installing a SWCG on a variable-speed pump can be a little tricky since you do not want the AquaRite on when the pump is off (and most VS pumps like to be powered on all of the time).  If you don't want to use your old-fashioned timer and if you do not have an automation system, I would recommend installing another flow switch in your system to add an additional safeguard to cut power to the AquaRite if there is no flow.  Yes, you already have one flow switch with the SWCG, but these can fail.  I like to install a Grid Controls Flow Switch 2" Model 210 in addition to the AquaRite flow switch.  These switches are incredibly reliable - and I sleep better at night knowing there is an additional safeguard on the SWCG.