Hi, I've got an existing 38,000 gallon in-ground pool in southern New England. The current pump is a Hayward Super pump 2. 

We are going to put in a salt water generator this season and are considering adding a heater and two-speed pump next year. 

The Aquarite 40K ( http://www.inyopools.com/Products/02100023000354.htm#details  and the Prologic PLP4 pack ( http://www.inyopools.com/Products/02100002040776.htm  are so close in price, I am having trouble figuring out the best option for us. 

Does the ProLogic PLP4 pacl come with the salt water generator and were we to get it we could use it for salt water generation without doing much with the extra features?

Does the ProLogic PLP4 need the Omni Sense unit to measure and adjust the chlorine?

Are my needs really not that coimplicated and there's another Hayward module i should be looking at?

Are both of these units large enough to handle a 38,000 gallon IG pool?


I'm trying to future proof to some extent so when we add a heater or two speed pump we can easily "program" it for maximum efficiency and monimum effort. 

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!