Aqua Rite LCD lights on/off

  • Last Post 25 June 2020
drtsubi posted this 01 February 2020

I have Aqua Rite Goldline chlorine generator. Recently LCD lights went off. Sometimes "power" and "generating" lights turns on for about 30 sec. and then off again. Display turns on even if the lights are off. I did troubleshooting as recommended . Everything was uderstandable until I came to the rectifier input test.

 According to the troubleshooting guide 12 VAC must be tested between ground and pin on the board where orange wire connected. So, when wire is plug-in to the board I observe 12 VAC between grond and orange wire. When testing as sugested by the manual between ground and pin , measurement comes as 24 VAC. 

  According to the guide if no or low voltage then problem in the main board. If voltage 12 VAC then it's a rectifiers. BUt what do I do with the 24 VAC? So is this a rectifiers or a main board issue?

 Also I've noticed that after orange wire plug back in unit will start working for a day or two. 


Hudstone posted this 25 June 2020

I am having the same problem

 What was your solution ?