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Cromwell posted this 24 February 2019

I have a aqua Rite pro on the left it says no power to cell is this a problem with the board or the salt cell 

Thanks Bob


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InyoRob posted this 26 February 2019

I'd first suggest turning off the power to the unit then unplugging the cell cord from the control box. Plug it back into the control box securely, and then power it back up.  If the cord plug was loose in the socket then the unit recovers right away and recognizes that the cell is connected.   If that doesn't work then I'd have a qualified technician check the fuse on the main board and the transformer output to the main board which provides the cell with power.  Not often do you see transformers fail, but it isn't unheard of either.

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islandantoinette posted this 15 August 2019


I did this after cleaning my salt cell. Glad to know I did the right thing. I had to replace the pipe the cell was in.

I learned here that the board has A FUSE good to know. Having lots of lightening storms in Fl. now. Blew out the fuse in our tankless hot water heater.

@Cromwell   I am very impressed with your skills and guts to solder a board, whow!!

I do not know what a transformer is or where it is located, more to learn; hope I don't need to know.

Today we did the Hasa Tri Chlor for the black algae and brushing the sides of the pool with the steel broom only and using the Pentair Pro contraption for the 3" hockey puck chlorine tablet on the sides too. Hurt my lower back so bad I won't be able to walk for days. I don't know how people do this stuff! Now we have to put the new motor on the pump, OMG.

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