Aqua Rite 20 Question...

  • Last Post 21 September 2020
hdsteele posted this 19 September 2020

I have a new to me Aqua Rite 20 w/GLX-Cell-5 and Intermatic timer. AR20 is firmware revision 1.45 which I believe is old. It does not give me a choice of which cell I am using. I assume the T-5 cell is the correct one? I see notes from others that say the old systems should have the T-15?  Not sure which is correct.  My real question (sorry) is how the salt gen system works.  The timer controls the pool pump of course. The Aqua Rite 20 runs when the pump come on. I can set the % of chlorination but I read that the 50% setting, for example, means that it will generate chlorine for 50% of the hours the pool runs.  With the timer being separate it has no idea how long the pool will run.  Does it cycle through sya 30 minutes on, 30 off for however long? Is it generating all the time and the percentage dial does nothing?  Confused and any help on these things appreciated!

InyoRob posted this 21 September 2020

The T15 cell is the only one that will work with Aquarite revisions before 1.5. See chart below.

We would recommend connecting the salt system to the same timer terminals as the pump. That way the salt system wil only run when the pump is running. You are correct about the percentage setting. At 50%, the salt system will run 1/2 the time the pump is running. It will approximately cycle 15 minutes on and 15 minutes off.