Our 24' round above ground pool was installed in the spring of 2017. A lot of wrinkles have developed this year: one about a foot long in the wall, but most of them widespread across the floor with the majoriy around the main drain. We have never had a major PH problem. Could either of the following have caused this: 1. Toward the end of last season a hose burst, burned out the pump and drained our pool to about 6" over night.  2. We had never opened a pool so we had our installer do it this year. He started the job, but by the time he came back we had so much algae in the pool that he told us to start shocking it with liquid chlorine. Of course it wasn't added all at once, but by the time we were done we had used 25 gals. and it still wasn't clear. I did some research and discovered a flocculant that our pool store had. That did the trick, but after that we had scaling all over the walls. After 2 containers of descaler and scrubbing the walls 5 days in a row, the walls were finally clear. Could any of the above have caused the wrinkles and can the liner be fixed without a lot of expense?