• Last Post 27 July 2018
poolman76 posted this 24 July 2018

I replastered my pool in the spring of 2017. and installed a salt water system . I used a gem plaster in a dark blue color. I am getting white spots along the sided and bottom of pool . I am told they might be calcium deposits.  My chemicals are right on and the hardness test shows right at 250 .  I can remove them with a pumise stone ,but woould love to know how to prevent them from forming

InyoRob posted this 27 July 2018

Thank you for contacting Inyo. The pH level can have a greater impact on calcium scaling/deposits. Salt water systems tend to keep the pH levels high. My suggestion would be to keep the pH levels lower. For instance, if your pH is typically 7.8, try keeping it around 7.4.