SSD Chemical Solution used to clean all type of black money, tainted and defaced bank  Our technicians are highly qualified and are always ready to handle the cleaning perfectly. Our Chemicals is 100% pure. We sell Chemicals that clean all types of black note or deface note.anti-air breezed powders and other many products used in cleaning black note. We do offer the best chemicals. If you are far, we will send one of our technicians to come to you and clean all your money. Our Products - Ssd solution,Anti breeze,Black,black money,Cleaning,anti-breeze bank notes,Black Dollar, Activation Powder,black coated notes,Vectrol paste,Cleaning chemical,Tebi-Manetic solution, Defaced currency,Black coated notes,Cleaning black money,super automatic solution, stained money,black marked currency,cleaning Black money,Cleaning money,notes, Black Currency Cleaning Chemicals’ Automatic Solution, Money Cleaning Solution, Black Stain, black money chemical. Please contact us for any assistance on +27710971100.  We also sale chemicals like ssd automatic solution form cleaning black money notes (currencies.)  I hereby use this media to inform you, that our company can clean out black deface currency, (stained money) bank notes, we have all kinds of chemicals used for cleaning of black money or stained money in currencies such as Rands, us dollar, euro, pound, and all local currencies, even if your defaced note is 45 years old. 
We clean black dollar on % basis we? Using ssd solutions chemicals
advanced notes cleaning chemicals? We send technician to your country 
we at top. Chemicals manufacture, sell and also provide services for the below products and chemicals for black, stained and defaced money. 
by buyers : SOUTH AFRICA, ZIMBABWE, ZAMBIA,TANZANIA,KENYA ,SPAIN, CH  We offer machines for large cleaning and also deliver products to any location desired INA,THAILAND, CAMBODIA, ENGLAND, SWEDEN, MALAYSIA, INDONESIA, TURKEY, CANADA, ALGERIA, PAKISTAN AND DUBAI,U.S.A ETC. We have professional technician

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