Pool was built in summer 2013. Replaced cell with new Hayward T-15 10-11 months ago. This week spent $5000 on a new liner installed, a new Hayward Sharkvac, to have my booster pump removed, to have my filter sand replaced, and 13-15 bags of salt added. Had to wait 24 hours for salt to desolve before plugging in/activating chlorinator.

24 hours passed, I fired it up. It ran long enough to give me a salt reading if 3400 ppm.

All indications point to a PCB, installed would be another $700+. Are there cheaper after market boards? Can a board be repaired? 

Last but not least, we have a 16x32 in ground vinyl lined pool with sloping sides and front into 10' deep hopper. We have 4' radius corners. 

if I installed a pass through we thar chlorinator usually resides, HOW MANY CHLORINATOR TABLETS WOULD IT TAKE FROM MAY-AUGUST.


If they can't, or fix the board, I'm going chlorine. Just sort of want to do a salt, electricity comparison between salt and chlorine tabs.

Loyal Customer,

Brannon Burleson