1976 Coleco pool restoration, anyone have parts?

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miketonon posted this 24 December 2020

Hi, I recently inherited a 1976 Coleco pool, in relatively good condition. I was impressed with how thick some of these parts were, like the plates under the top rail caps. I was going to scrap the pool, but I’m working on restoring it. It’s kind of sentimental to me, because my parents had the same pool. And I’m from Connecticut. Coleco started as Connecticut Leather Company, before changing to Coleco when they switched to making recreation products (pools, video games, etc.). Coleco around the late 1970’s is said to have been the largest above ground pool manufacturer in the world. It’s really a piece of manufacturing history. I’m also a machinist. I don’t need parts or at least parts that I can’t get. I’m going to get some new hardware for it. Although many of the screws are stainless and still good. I need to make new plaques for the face of the top rail caps. I need 18 of them. They must’ve originally been forced injection moldings. Maybe I can 3D print new ones. But I’ll take any spare parts that anyone has. If anyone is getting rid of this same pool, but you’re not in or near Connecticut, I’ll pay for shipping. I’m also wonder what type of paint I should use on the frame, as I want to repaint it. I was thinking rustoleum professional grade. It seems to last about a decade outside. Or is there something else I should use? Thanks for the help, everyone!

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miketonon posted this 25 December 2020

miketonon posted this 25 December 2020

that's a picture of the pool. 

InyoRob posted this 04 January 2021

Unfortunately, we do not carry parts that will fit the Coleco pools. I've tagged this thread so hopefully, someone will eventually come along and chime in if they have a Coleco pool.

Rustoleum would be what I recommend for painting those parts.

chardobon posted this 1 weeks ago

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