I resently ordered, and received: Seal Plate Kit - C203-194P Item# 5055-30.  I thought it was a repair for my leaking pump, a Val=Pak V26-380.  Without verifying the parts (they seemed correct), I dis-assembled and reassembled with the new parts.  When I rewired and turned on, it had no suction.  When I shut it off, it leaked worse than before.  

After a quick evaluation, I learned that the parts do not match the originals.  There was a gap between the two new porcelain seals (no contact, no seal).  Since the pump was apart, I called and went to Leslies Pool Supply (30 miles away).  Needless to say they didn't have it.  No other places open to match it up.  I took some pics of the problems.  The space between the seal seat (in the replacement parts) and the impeller seat, is about 1/4 inch greater.  The seals are about 3/16 inch greater in inner diameter.   It seats aroung the impeller shaft rather than on the end.  The depth of the seal seat in the plate is also 1/8 inch deeper than the original.  The only thing that worked well was the casing seal.  I have more pics and would like to discuss.  Please email me.