I have an older (my pool was installin in 2004)  Aqua Logic Automation and Chlorination system.  AQ-LOGIC-PS-4  whose mother board has a PN: G1-066008N-1.  I have had to replace that board at least 5 times over the years, and it is giving me problems again.  I saw your add about your after market boards that are plug compatible with and performs the same functions as the original boards.  

My question is, will one of your boards replace the G1-06008N-1 AQ-LOGIC-PS-4 Board, and if so, which one. 

Below are photos of my system.  Would love to replace with a newer version if one is available. 

Bill Galloway     wmlg41@thevillages.net

Image of overall system without the heaterimage of My Aq-Logic-ps-4 Panel Front