What Light replacement for this?

  • Last Post 04 November 2019
Arn711 posted this 19 October 2019

Model of old light 

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Arn711 posted this 19 October 2019

Sorry I could't figure out how to rotate the image.

I'd like to replace this light as it was never working since I bought the home.  I pulled it out to see if I can replace the bulb and obviously this is not a serviceable item.  I have since put the non working light back in.

Does anybody know what replacement light can I use that would fit in my light niche, by looking at this label?  I DO NOT want to use this expensive unserviceable type of light again.  Can I use a Pentair standard halogen or incandescent type and be able to replace the bulb with an LED version.  

Thanks from a Pool Newbie.

Inyohector posted this 04 November 2019

Good afternoon, so if you have a deep niche then you can use a Purecolors LED light model PL5832. However, you will need to confirm whether your niche was specific to your Colorlogic light being shallow or if it is a Hayward deep niche which are approximately 7-8 inches deep. If you have a Hayward deep niche then you can use the Universal Light Adapter ring in order to mount your Purecolors light to the pre-existing niche.