What bearings and parts needed? - Jandy SHpm2.0 / AO smith 0-193994-06

  • Last Post 09 December 2019
jcumbo posted this 02 December 2019

My pool pump is "whining", making a lot of noise and leaking between the motor and pump. I trying to figure out what bearings I need to order and if/what gaskets and seals I should order and replace while I am doing bearings.


Jandy pump - model# SHPM2.0 serial # T11FB0075

Century/AO Smith motor - serial # 33610CH , Model# 0-193994-06  


Thank you!

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jcumbo posted this 03 December 2019

 Thank you! I just wasnt sure what all seals or extras I should plan to have on hand or change just because I was already tearing into it.

InyoRob posted this 03 December 2019

I'd recommend replacing the shaft seal, backplate o-ring, and diffuser gasket when you replace the motor.

jcumbo posted this 07 December 2019

I just thougt I would update you on this...... the motor bearings you recomended are not entirely correct. The motor listed above requires 1) 6203DW (rear) and 1) 6304DU (front). I order all the parts you suggested to have on hand for a speedy repair and I now have my motor and pump fully disassembled and am going to have wait multiple days to find a replacement bearing for the front.



InyoRob posted this 09 December 2019

We apologize for any inconvenience. According to the Century parts list, your motor should have had two 6203 bearings. Maybe they briefly used a different shaft end bell that required a 6304.

InyoRob posted this 02 December 2019

We'd be glad to assist you. The 0-193994-06 motor would require two 203 bearings.

The seals can be found on the Jandy SHPM parts page