Water Chemistry

  • Last Post 24 April 2020
Ronald11819 posted this 24 April 2020

Chlorine 2

PH 7.6

TA 40 (I know this is a bit low right now)

CH 330

I have a 17,000 gallon inground salt pool in south florida. I am constantly adding acid. On Monday the PH will be over 8 I then adjust with acid bringing it to 7.2 then by the next Monday I am over 8 again. The pool is only 6 years old. Is there anything I can do to not have to keep adjusting the PH so much or is this just a fact of life with a concrete pool? My neighbors have similar pools and do not add acid like I do so I was wondering if something is wrong that I should look into. Also, seeing that this is a salt pool I do not use stabilizer because I produce chlorine for free! LOL



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MERDR1 posted this 24 April 2020

I am only a fellow pool owner and salt system user but it is my understanding, and am no expert by any means, that a salt pool is normally prone to the pH moving toward alkaline (or higher) thus may require acid but I have not had to much myself. However I have always understood that even salt systems cant keep up especially in hot climates like we both live without the use of stabilizer use as the chlorine radicals produced are very unstable and quickly lost withiut the use of a stabilizer. Again no expert but would like to know also.

Ronald11819 posted this 24 April 2020

MERDR1 - thank you for your reply. In my NY home I have a vinyl inground pool (50,000 gallons). There I have no concern with the chemistry. I balance everything when we open the pool set the chlorine generator and pretty much never have to touch it at all during the season. I know that a concrete pool will require constatant attention to the PH. That being said I've never had to add so much acid to the florida pool on a weekly and a few times I had to add acid twice a week. This started about two months or so ago. For a 17,000 gallon pool should I really need to be going through 3/4 gallon of acid a week? I say that beciase I have never had to add that much acid. Maybe a cup or two a week. All of a suden the pool's need for acid has increased drasticaly. So is this something that happens with a pools age? Is there something else i should be looking into? I really just don't know! TIA for any advise.

MERDR1 posted this 24 April 2020

Upon further thought when the Sodium and chloride radicals are produced they are most likely to recombine back to sodiun chloride very quickly ( while still in the plumbing after the reaction cell) as they are extremely unstable and Looking to Party so to speak. If you do not have sufficient stablilizer present (in sufficient stiochemetric (sp) amounts) they will just recombine to NaCl or the Cl- will ondergo the most available redox reaction it can. resulting in little to ne chlorine in the pool. How that effects the pH issues I am not sure( not thunk thru) but I would bet if you used stabilizer in the correct amount, you problems would resolve. Again not a pool expert but the chemistry would suggest that to be true. I would be interested to hear as I may be all wet? ( pool joke) HA!!!



Ronald11819 posted this 24 April 2020

Well I hope you are not all wet - unless you are in the pool. I stopped using stabalizer years ago. Again never really had a concern until a few months ago. Maybe it will help maybe it won't - I dunno. I can certainly try that. I keep the chlorine between 2 and 3ppm. All chemistry has been pretty much spot on for years. This is a recent concern that appears to be getting worse. Thaks again for your input!