Vgreen 165 broken

  • Last Post 09 January 2022
Ddefooo1 posted this 06 January 2022

Good afternoon, I purchased an AO SMITH CENTURY VGREEN C-FACE VS POOL PUMP MOTOR 1.65HP less that three years ago    The motor stated to make a high pitch noise and the local pool company said these are not repairable.     What is the normal life of these motors and are they repairable Thanks Dave

InyoRob posted this 09 January 2022

The average lifespan is 3-5 years. They can last longer if they are protected.

  • Install a heavy-duty shaft seal when replacing the motor.
  • Replace the shaft seal if you see a drip between the motor and seal plate.
  • Prevent sprinklers or rain runoff from hitting the motor.
  • Keep the motor elevated so that standing water does not rest on the bottom of the motor.

As far as repair, you may have bad bearings. We don't typically recommend replacing the bearings yourself unless you have experience with that type of repair.