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Kristie posted this 27 June 2016

Just replaced spider gasket & spring in handle on Hayward sand filter every thing seems to be worling right  When I vaccum , mostly dead algee it blows right back in pool


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Service posted this 28 June 2016

Hi Kim,

When you are vacuuming what position / setting is the valve in? (i.e. Filter, Backwash, By-Pass, etc..)?

Thank You


Thank You


FranFarren posted this 05 April 2020

I vacuumed the pool for the past several years so I'm familiar with the proper settings.  This year, my vacuum suction is hit and miss.  At first it seems to be sucking some leaves from bottom but as I progress, the suction gets worse.  I clean out the pump so it's not that.  The hose floats in some areas so does that mean air is getting in there?  Also, the hose crimps in some areas.  Thinking I may need a new hose.

InyoRob posted this 05 April 2020

If the filter filling up is not the issue, there could be air getting into the hose. The hose crimping is a sign that the hose should be replaced.

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