• Last Post 14 June 2018
Shepard posted this 14 June 2018

So I bought a v-165 today. Seems great but the book it comes with is vague. If I leave the “timer” I used with the old motor running and it shuts power off to the v-165 the book suggests it goes to the  default settings. Is that true? Am I interpreting that correct? And if so I guess I need to take the trip pieces off and just by pass the timer. In addition the v-165 is set up for 24 hr sequence. If I want it to run for just 6 hours will it stop and wait for the other 18 hours then start over? 

InyoRob posted this 14 June 2018

Hello Shepard - The V-Green 165 will not fall back to the default settings each time the power turns off. You would set the on tripper to turn the motor on at a certain time and set the off tripper late enough so that it won't shut the motor off before the programmed schedule is complete. The next day it will turn on at the set time and resume the normal schedule.