Unclearable cloudy water

  • Last Post 24 June 2019
ChicagoPoolGuy posted this 24 June 2019

Good morning everyone,


Hoping someone can give some advice on our pool.

We live just outside Chicago and just opened our pool 9 days ago. I know, late start. We just bought the house this spring and had no idea the cover was a mesh safety cover, NOT a solid winter cover. Upon removing the cover we were greeted with a almost black / dark green water. You could not see more than half an inch into the water and there was small debris throughout the water.

We cleaned all of the loose debris and everything off the floor, balanced the chemicals best possible, shocked it using almost 20- 1lb bags. The water turned to a blue color after only a day or so but remained very cloudy. After running the pump, we pulled almost 40 lbs of solid heavy green/black tar off the pool floor and used some 20+ skimmer socks. The new Hayward Extreme filter and pump we bought was clogging within hours when we first started. Now it will run for days without beginning to clog. So we know we got all of the larger material out of the water. We used a quart of super clarifier about three days ago with no real results. After days of filtering, vacuuming, and cleaning it remains just as cloudy. A almost green/white cloudy color. We took a sample to our pool place two days ago and we only had to adjust the alkalinity up a little and the rest was fine, shocked it again at their suggestion about 24 hours ago with another 8 lbs, ran the filter, and it is still very cloudy. I feel we are so close to getting this clear and are missing something. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!

27' x 54" round, printed vinyl above ground

Approx. 19,500 gallons @ 70°F

Hayward 15093S pump and filter - new

All chemicals are balanced according to pool company, the only one a bit high was cya @ 150ppm.

Been using Chlorox products so far to treat.

InyoRob posted this 24 June 2019

For stubbornly cloudy pools, we recommend Natural Chemistry's Pool First Aid. One bottle will treat up to 23,000 gallons.