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Mitchman posted this 28 May 2019


Recently upgraded from older single speed pump to a new 2 speed pump and I have a few questions on running a the lower speed. Is it typical for users to run the pump on low during the evening or non-swim hours..?

I have an Auto Pilot SWG (DG-220) that can run the pump on High speed and Low speed (but not off), although currently I use the manual pump switch included with the new pump.

Is it wise to run SWG while running on low speed..? I'm sort of nervous the flow might be so low, that the "check flow" meter will go off and cause errors with the Salt Water Generator.

Last question on Low speed usage, I find the a few hours in there is visible air pocket in the skimmer basket, and although the pump runs and circulates water, I'm nervous if it ran this way for along period (10 hours) that might be a problem or an issue..?  Hoping of some feedback from the community.

Just curious on your thoughts on this topic.

InyoRob posted this 29 May 2019

It is more common for pool owners to run the pump on low speed during the day. If the low speed can produce enough flow to keep the salt generator working, we'd recommend doing that. You'll have to test that and see if it is.

It is not uncommon to see a little air when running the pump on a low speed. It's not an issue unless the air builds up enough to cause the pump to lose prime. I would recommend watching it for the first few days to see if that ever happens.

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