Trouble removing pool light fixture

  • Last Post 10 June 2021
mackics posted this 06 June 2021

I'm having a difficulty in removing my pool light fixture. I unscrewed the single screw that holds the fixture (see attached image), but the fixture does not budge. I tried lightly prying it with a screwdriver, but no success. What am I missing? Is there a trick to removing these? All of the YouTube videos make this look like a simple job, so I must be doing something wrong.
Any help is much appreciated.

pool light

Service posted this 10 June 2021

Hi, Normally this is as simple as removing the pilot screw and the light should come right out. Typically the installer should leave a few feet of cord so that the light can be brought up to the deck, if this was not done, then you may need to disconnect power from the light and disconnect the pool light cord from the breaker or junction box so you can pull the light free.

Thank You