I have a 12V pool light in Mexico that provides a slight “tingly” sensation when you are in the pool and put your hand next to it. I opened up the access cover for the junction box and discovered that the seals had leaked, that there was no encapsulation of the end joints and that the box had water in it. Having moved the junction box to a better location (dry and high) I discovered that the voltages across the cables from the transformer are not what I expected 8V live to neutral, 3V live to earth etc. Mmmmmmm... output from a disconnected transformer is as expected. Then I discover that, in Mexico, the earth bus bar is the same as the neutral bus bar and there is no extra copper earth. Don’t even get me started on bonding. I am tempted to get a colour changing light with a two wire input (Colourlogic...very expensive and unreliable) and run the cable back to the transformer. My alternate is to buy a cheaper (screw in) colour LED light with a cable that runs to my new junction box. Then pull the wires from the transformer to the junction box and replace them because I fear they are corroded and some leakage there is causing the odd voltages at the junction box. I’m also worried a bit that the niche is not bonded, but I suspect that nothing in Mexico is bonded. I am also not convinced that “getting a professional electrician in to resolve the problem” is the answer. There aren’t any. Any comments or advice would be much appreciated.