Tagleus TA-60 (2008)

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Mike30802 posted this 05 October 2020

I have the Tagleus TA-60 (built 2008) and I have sand returning to the pool.  I suspect the laterals.   Since I am replacing the sand I would like to replace all the laterals at once.   Are there 5 or 6 in this model?  Also is there an "o-ring" kit available as well?



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InyoRob posted this 07 October 2020

The Tagelus uses 8 laterals. The laterals have changed over the years and are specific to when your filter was manufactured. The first four digits of the serial number would tell us the month and year it was produced. Are you able to find the serial number?

Mike30802 posted this 07 October 2020

No serial number.  Just a date tag with 2008 punched out on it.

InyoRob posted this 07 October 2020

The correct laterals for a TA60, in that date range, is part number 152290. These laterals are 6-5/8" long. Click Here to View the 152290 Laterals

If you had a TA60D manufactured after 6/1/2007, you'd require six of the 150085 laterals

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