SwipQuip light replacement LED

  • Last Post 24 March 2021
FTLGENE posted this 24 March 2021

Good morning,

I have an older pool that I "inherited."  The pool light filled with water.  I removed it and put it on the deck.  The niche says "SWIMQUIP" Lighting Fixture Model 5072 - 5073 - 5074. Niche Model 5068-17.  It is not the standard 10" fixture but 8" +/-.  I would like to replace the incandescent light fixture with an LED based one.  I can't find much if any information on what parts are available or how to do this. 

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

InyoRob posted this 24 March 2021

We do have an LED option for the Swimquip pool light. It is the Color Splash XG Swimquip Version. Click Here to View the Different ColorSplash Options. The complete lights are at the bottom of that page.