Stuck Skimmer Basket

  • Last Post 19 June 2023
allieee posted this 17 June 2023

So, I went outside today to get my skimmer basket out to empty it since it was full and it wouldn't budge. Now, I have long acrylic nails on currently so this could be the reason why it would not come out. I tried to use a thick stick to help unlodge it and it ended up knocking the basket out of the rims that keeps it held up. The basket is now stuck at the bottom and I don't know how to get it out. Any suggestions/help?

InyoRich posted this 19 June 2023

That's going to be tough.  Turning the pump off (especially when the skimmer basket is full) will make it easier to remove.

Turn the pump off and try to wrangle the basket back up so you can get it out.  Use a thin metal ruler to help guide it if it gets stuck on anything or, worst case, try to squeeze the basket a bit to get it out.