Sta-Rite Heater "backfires" on start-up

  • Last Post 01 September 2016
SteveF posted this 01 September 2016

Attn: Matt

I had called and asked about one of our Sta-Rite heaters that gives off a loud pop sound upon start-up. It's actually quite loud. We are somewhat self sufficient with equipment maintenance in general here. I am familiar with how to service these to some extent, but wanted to get some guidance before I tear into this unit. Sta_Rite mxitherm 200k btu unit. nat gas.


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InyoMatt posted this 01 September 2016

Hello SteveF - my first guess would be a pilot and/or fuel-to-air mixture issue. For a better diagnosis, can you provide a video of the heater as it starts then makes the popping sound? 

Also, if the heater is under warranty, try calling Sta-Rite to have a technician inspect the unit.