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JamesC posted this 04 June 2016

looking to relpace the propane heater in my 1,500 gallon spool...looking for recomendations

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JamesC posted this 04 June 2016

by the way, i am replacing an old Teledyne Laar EG-400

the hot tub/pool is about 1,500 gallons and will be heated with propane

Service posted this 05 June 2016

Hi James,

Your Teledyne Laar EG-400 would have been a 400,000 BTU heater so if you want to stay with a heater that will heat your Spool at the same pace as your current heater then I would suggest staying with a 400,000 BTU heater. I like the Raypak heaters as all Raypak does is heating and they pay attention to all the small details. 

Raypak has 406,000 BTU LP Heater which would be good for you.

Things that will result in you needing to purchase a heater outside of the standard heater above are..

  • If your elevation is above 2,000 Ft.
  • If the heater is being installed indoors
  • If you live in an area like CA or TX which requires a low emissions heater
  • If this is being used in a commercial application like a hotel or condominium
  • You are on the beach with consistent high winds

If you have any of the items above, let me know, and I will let you know which unit you need.

Thank You



Thank You



JamesC posted this 05 June 2016

Thanks Patrick,

I do live in California...so that condition would apply.

the hot tub/pool = spool is about  1,500 gallons as near as i can figure  in the winter time the water temp probably gets in the low 50's (that is when we would probably use it most).

if i were to drop down to a lower BTU unit...say in the 200K - 250K range would i be looking at some heavy wait time to heat up...and would that cost me more money in heating than to go with the bigger unit.  Looking at the purchase price difference of around $400, trying to weigh the best option

I was also looking at the Pentair Master Temps, or Sta-Rite Max-E-Therm...would you purchase the Raypack over the Pentair/Sta-Rite?


Service posted this 06 June 2016

Hi JamesC,

On a 200,000 BTU heater, the wait time would twice as long as your current wait time as it is half the BTU's of your 400,000 BTU unit.

Since you need a low emissions heater, then the standard Pentair and Sta-Rite models are low emissions heaters, and you don't have to upgrade to a different model. With this being said I think either Pentair Master Temp or the Sta-Rite Max E Therm would be right for you.

It does cost more to run the 400,000 BTU heater as it consumes more gas but on the flip you run it shorter periods of time as it brings your body of water up to temperature quicker.

Thank You


Thank You