Good evening all,

I recently purchased a home with a pool and I seem to be having a problem with the skimmer. I am still in the process of learning so please bear with me.

The water level is currently at mid-skimmer. The PSI on the filteration system is correct and the basket in the pump is not clogged. I did notice that one of the holes in the skimmer is plugged. I also have a valve that is dedicated to the skimmer and another valve that is dedicated to the main drain. I haven't been able to find a schematic for this type of set up on the internet. The majority of the jandy valves that I have seen online are one unit which have both the skimmer and main drain on the same valve.

Would it be safe if I closed the main drain valve? I am afraid that I might ruin the pump and therefore I rather ask someone with more knowledge. The pool was built back in 1984.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.