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indianfan24 posted this 10 August 2016

I just replaced our vinyl liner and put chemicals in and now have this silky white film on floor of pool. Here are my results of chemistry

pH 7.8

alk 250

FC 1.0

TC .2

CH 220

I used chlorine for the sanitizer and calcium hypochlorite for the shock

Any suggestions?

InyoRob posted this 11 August 2016

Hello Indianfan24 - Some of the chemical levels need to be adjusted. The alkalinity level at 250 is very high. The ideal level would be 80-120. You can lower the alkalinity with muriatic acid or bisulfate acid. Also, the free chlorine level is low but the ideal level will depend on the stabilizer level. You can shock the pool to bring the FC level up.

Does white film brush off the bottom to form a cloud? If so, I would just brush it and add some Natural Chemistry Pool First Aid

Let us know if you have any further questions. Thank you for shopping with!