Hiya InYo


I have an older sta-rite filter pump.  I replaced the shavt seal 2 years ago this year when I started up the pump to prime the system it ran dry for 30 seconds or so and began to smoke a bit.  I stopped the motor and let it rest.  Later on I was able to prime the pump but water was leakin pretty badly from the bottom of the pump impeller housing.

So I took the motor off and disassembled the parts and found the seal shaft housing basically melted to the frame of the pump.  See attached pic.  The impller shaft was also melted unfortunately.  I know I have to buy a gokit and and a new impeller but from the picture attached, do you think the pump plate is salvageable or do I need to buy a new one?  The melted plastic is very hard to remove with a screwdriver...




pump plate